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Disconnect between Youtube and Site?


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Jul 8, 2014
I am not against the switch to video reviews...
provided they don't SUCK. I swear almost every review video I watch, which admittedly is very few, seems nothing more than glorified commercials; which, I suspect, is the point.

This is not to say video reviews don't have their place; for example, when I was researching my monitor, one reviewer had the u2715h set up next to various other (Dell?) models, thereby conveying the size/scale far better than any written review ever could. But who wants the finer details of a motherboard's technical components, for example, blurted out rapid fire? Re-reading such details still doesn't always sink in. :sad:

It's how millennials find and consume content, video related distribution like Vessel, YouTube and Twitch take precedence over the written word.
We're doomed! In all seriousness, who is this site's audience? PC gaming isn't exactly a cheap hobby, besides (if news reports are true) millennials only have smart phones.

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