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Do i need to remove V-droop with the voltage dampner


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Dec 9, 2006
Calgahree, AB
The Asus P5K boards have a voltage damper option to minimize v-droop.

After reading this (AnandTech: Overclocking Intel's New 45nm QX9650: The Rules Have Changed) which does not advise tinkering with V-droop- I am confused.

Don't want to damage my chip VRM's?

Please excuse my spelling in the title again-ahh
You know that makes perfect sense and one of the reasons I never bought into the whole "voltage dampener" thing for.

It would sense that vdroop is a safety mechanism implemented like the Tjunction and if you were to modify that in any way you could potentially damage your chip because think about it do you really think Intel "truly" designs their chips for overclock? I doubt it.