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Domain names


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Jan 19, 2009
Burton, NB
I have been watching a certain domain name for a while now, and got excited when the site being hosted on it went down and notice saying the domain was about to expire was present.

So it finally expired last week or so, but its still listed as taken on many registrar sites. I don't know too much about the domain side of the internet in terms of buying/selling, i mainly deal with telling customers how to point it to my servers with their website on it.

so my question - is there somewhere I can reserve the domain or some way I can get it ASAP?


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Aug 4, 2008
Nova Scotia
Some places let you place a request for a soon to expire domain, or will for a fee watch it and purchase it for you when/if it becomes available. These services are not usually cheap. As for it appearing to be still registered, a domain owner usually has 15-45 days depending on the registrar to reclaim their domain after the official expirey date. Until that grace period is ended the domain cannot be registered by anyone else. If it is a .ca, watch the To Be Released lists on CIRA's website and request the domain through your registrar when it becomes available.

Note that you may have to "bid" on it to actually get it.

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