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Drop (formerly Massdrop) ENTR Mechanical Keyboard - nice entry level mechanical?


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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
Have you guys seen this one?

Seems like nice specs for the price. Aluminum chassis at that price is decent. However I don't know anything about the Gateron Yellow or Halo True switches. Anyone see any obvious negatives for this keyboard? It is backlit but no RGB.

Maybe this doesn't bring much to the table compared to the GMMK - TKL? Although the keycaps on the ENTR look nicer to me.

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Oct 30, 2009
A good set of PBT doubleshots is the same price as the entire ENTR, and you're getting what looks to be a reasonably well done 2 piece aluminum case as well.

GMMK likely spent most of budget on the PCB to allow for hot swappable switches, leaving you with ABS keycaps (still doubleshot) and a sandwich style case (floating keys).

If you know exactly what keyswitch type you like, hotswappable is useless. Otherwise it's an interesting way to try out switches without having to bother with soldering.

Gateron Yellows are linear and their bottom out is lighter than MX Black but heavier than MX Red. The only exception is the first 1-2 runs ever made for Gateron, which were actually a heavier bottom out but changed after those runs.

Haven't paid attention to "box" & "halo" switches, so can't help there.