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Want to Trade E8400, Corsair VX450, Mushkin RAM, mini p180 for Q9XXX cpu


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Sep 7, 2008
Cambridge, ON
FT/FS E8400, Corsair VX450, Mushkin RAM, mini p180 for Q9XXX cpu

Sold the rig, except the RAM:thumb:
Thanks for looking

I have the following items for sale or trade:
Items am interested in are:
-Intel 45nm quad processor
-Antec P182 case in good condition preferrably in Ontario to avoid shipping

All items are in excellent shape and include original packaging (no packaging for the RAM). "Shipped" means within Canada, you can also pay an extra couple bucks if you want expresspost.

  1. 4GB Mushkin DDR2 800 4-5-4-11 timings (4x1GB) $50 shipped, high quality ram with good timings
  2. Intel E8400 processor $180 shipped, run 3.6Ghz on stock voltageSOLD
  3. Corsair VX450 $50 Single 12V rail high quality, efficient power supply, this power supply ran my GTX260 with no complaintsSOLD
  4. Antec Mini P180 $75 about the best mini ATX case you can get, we'll have to talk about shippingSOLD
  5. Asus P5KPL-CM mATX motherboard, supports 45nm processors and has integrated graphics $40 shippedSOLD

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