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Eclipse Wireless Litetouch Keyboard Video Review

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Apr 11, 2008

Eclipse Wireless Litetouch LCD Keyboard Review

Manufacturer's Product Page: Click Here
Model Name: ECB43001N002/04/1
Price: $129 USD Wireless / $99 USD Wired

In the grand scheme of things, the basic design of computer keyboards hasn't changed since their inception decades ago. There are however a number of companies who are striving to bring innovation to the run-of-the-mill keyboard by adding new and innovative features.

It is quite possible that you may not have heard of them but a little-known design studio called Art Lebedev was one of the first to introduce a full customizable keyboard. Called the Optimus (and now the Optimus Maximus), this amazingly complex product uses miniature OLED screens on each key in order to offer an infinite number options. The only downside is this type of cutting edge technology understandably costs more than most are willing to stomach: $2400 USD.

The product we will be reviewing today comes with slightly less lofty expectations but still packs some pretty cutting edge technology. It's name is the LiteTouch from a company called Eclipse which is a division of the Mad Catz peripheral empire. The Eclipse uses an LCD touchpad in the place of the usual number pad to stunning effect but is only geared towards home and office use. With a price of $99 for the corded version, this is sure to be a device that starts conversations among your friends.

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