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Want to Sell encorp's Yard Sale |DDR4 C18 3600, Noctua, Dell 27 144hz Monitor|


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Apr 17, 2008

These are only available for local pickup in Vancouver (East Van) and cannot be shipped as I don't have appropriate packaging to ensure their survival en route.

Dell S2716DG 27" 1440 Gsync 144hz Monitor [Product link] - $140 CAD (Local only, I do not have packaging)
  • This thing is a great little screen. Zero dead pixels on it. I never had any issues whatsoever. Just moving on to 4k!

Cooler Master NR200 ITX Case [Product link] - $50 (I suggest local pickup only, I do not have packaging and it's probably cheaper to buy new if you need shipping)
  • Used for 1 year roughly. Has small marks in the usual places on screw heads etc, but nothing on the panels or face. Includes the stock fans (1x 120mm and 1x 92mm).
[More pictures attached]

Noctua U9S [Product link] - $35 (+shipping)
  • Used in the NR200 for 1 year roughly. Has small marks in the usual places from installation, but no scratches or damages to the cooler and it's not visible while installed. Includes the stock fan and clips to add a second (1x 92mm Noctua). Also includes instructions, stock mounting hardware for Intel and AMD, and some thermal paste. I've tested this little cooler all the way up to an AMD 5800X3D and it runs perfectly fine on stock settings. Undervolting just adds to it! Fits inside the above case of course.

Kingston CL18 3600 DDR4 64gb [2x32] [Product link] P/N KF436C18BBK2/64 - $130 (shipped)
  • I paid $199+tax for this three weeks ago. I bought it just to test out a friends ram problems on their computer but determined the issue they had was with their motherboard. This ran super well and I tested it one of my systems to verify it was working correctly. Here's the CPUZ validator link with the ram running at XMP 3600: https://valid.x86.fr/pmdkb9


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Apr 17, 2008
Taking offers on the monitor. Would love to see it gone.

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