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Ethernet cable include phone?


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May 6, 2014
Can anyone tell me if it is functionally OK to use one pair of the CAT 5 Ethernet cable in my house to also carry a phone line? I'm mostly concerned that doing so won't degrade the internet connection bandwidth and that the phone will be clear of noise?


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Oct 4, 2007
Technically yes, it's feasible to do so, and should be functionally okay. You're not going to get the full speed of plain old cat 5 but I would imagine you'll still reach 100 on a moderate run with cat5e, shielded would even be better. just ensure that you're wiring the right pairs. (Green and orange for ethernet data)

Downsides I can think of is interference when the phones are on use or ringing, phones use quite a bit of voltage, I think the phones would be clear though, the internet might have some troubles. I'd be interested in hearing the result!
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May 3, 2013
phone will work just fine over the cable and be clear, networking might have a small issue only visible if streaming UDP data such as IPTV (jadoo tv/etc) but since those services only require a small amount of data It should be reliable. Tho the max throughput would be limited to a 10/100mbps connection VS the 10/100/1000mbps a typical cat5e cable can handle.

(Its worth noting if your in a new area with a fiber to the home service the cat5 between your ONT and MODEM MUST be 10/100/1000 and using a pair for phone service will prevent the modem from connecting at any speed)


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Jan 7, 2009
Don't know if this will help and make things easier:

QuickTreX® Voice/Data Splitter (Pair)

Have a look at the wiring image there. The plugs are quite nice too.

But remember: doing this means you can ONLY connect with a speed of less that 100 (like using 10Base-T/100Base-T connections). 10/100 connections use only two pairs, while gigabit and higher connections use all four pairs of the wire. So if all you want is an internet connection, fine, but if you have multiple computers in your setup you are limiting the wired network speed down from 1 Gig to 100...

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Sep 20, 2010
Collingwood, Ontario
I wouldn't recommend having network and plain old telephone over the same run of wire. You won't be able to get gigabit speeds due to noise on the line.

As for running phone over network cable this is a common practice. Just not phone and internet together.

You could use a single run of wire for getting phone from say the basement to the top floor and leave the rest of the cables for Networking/Internet. If the cables are labeled this would be pretty simple, if not you will need some tools. A network cable tester and a lot of time/patience namely.
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