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Want to Sell EVGA 285 GTX With Heat Killer W/B 300$


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Oct 4, 2008
Acton, Ont
My New cards are in the mail SO this has to Go...

GeForce GTX 285
Part Number 01G-P3-1281-AR
Core Clock Speed 648MHz
Processing Cores 240
Memory Clock Speed 2484MHz
Memory Bandwidth 159GB/sec
Shader Clock Speed 1476MHz
Bus PCI-E 2.0
Interface DVI-I, DVI-I, HDTV-7

Heat Killer Waterblock.
Nothing to say about it But DAMN...

Card comes with OEM Cooler.

I can install the OEM cooler if you like for the sale.

All This for 300$

Or 250$ For the Card alone.