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EVGA Z10 Overview Computex 2015


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Nov 25, 2013
First of all I will immediately apologize for posting this if it's already been posted, but having not found it via search as of starting this post I feel this will be my best avenue for sharing my thoughts on this keyboard and mouse from EVGA outside of Youtube comments which I have disabled and do not have a G+ account to post there if I wanted to. I welcome all to share their own thoughts and constructive criticism regarding these new products as well. Unjustified arbitrary hating or fanboying should be treated like the unhelpful swill it is.

1; First feature talked about is the brightness dimmer. An analog slider is definitely better than the 3 to 20 digital linear brightness adjustment everyone else does. Kudos for the innovation here; this is the new standard for brightness adjustment as far as I'm concerned.

2; Second feature talked about is being able to connect to EVGA graphics cards through their EVBot connections. Since this was brought up while showing the USB Type-C connector on the back I can't help but wonder if that's the connection for EVBot or just an anything-goes USB port. Hopefully the later if not both. Regardless I question the validity of being able to overclock directly from the keyboard on the fly. Most will tune in as high a stable overclock as they can; tune it back a little from there; and then just leave it alone. A small niche of dedicated enthusiasts may go out of their way to fine-tune on a game-by-game basis, but since even they would be using software detection for profile activation the feature still seems moot. I like the idea of being able to monitor my GPU core/mem usage and temps on a keyboard display though, but even that becomes proprietary within EVGA's graphics cards and keyboard.

3; Third feature talked about is that it'll be launching with Kale (Kail? Don't know how this one is spelled) switches in Blue and Brown with no mention of other colors. I don't pretend to know the interchange between Kale and Cherry MX colors, but to prevent confusion I imagine they match for the most part. That said going for the tactile bump in both clicky and silent forms is generally a good idea for most PC users in general, however this leaves out the hardcore crowd that tend to prefer light linear Red switches. Personally I prefer Browns myself, so you'ld think I have nothing to complain about here, but it's not myself I'm thinking about here. I'm considering the potential lost sales from ignoring the "MLG crowd" so to speak. Sure some pros don't use Reds, but even trying to get a non-red switch keyboard into that crowd is challenging. Not having one in that crowd keeps others that follow it for product suggestions is indirect lost sales over not having just one more switch type and model number. I question the business logic in this choice.

4; I'll keep this short and sweet here: I like the single column of macro keys as I personally never need more than like four. Love the rubber padded wrist rest, but dislike it's not removable. Corsair set the standard here and is keeping it by having a padded removable wrist rest. USB pass-through is great. Always prefer pass-through over internal hubs.

5; Now the fingerprint scanner on the mouse. This is a tricky one and I feel is rather niche. Now I could definitely see LAN gamers using this to keep their PC locked when not there. But other than that I question just how versatile this 'convenience' is in any other setting. At home my PC is not password protected so yes if it got stolen it's unprotected. Don't care since I've never been robbed and I don't live in an area that something like this is a problem. Even if other stay-at-home PC gamers do password protect, I doubt many would be inclined to fingerprint protect their PC(s). So that leaves laptop gamers. PC gamers on the go. I can see this being a convenience... never. The laptop is the first thing out and since on the go it would be open and powering on while getting out any extra peripherals. Maybe they get the mouse plugged in before the login screen, maybe not. Either way there's already a habit in place to use the on-board fingerprint scanner due to using the laptop for things other than gaming. Like, you know, business. I doubt anyone smart would leave it plugged in either due to risk of breaking the port or plug.

All things considered I think we've got some rather contrived gimmicks between the two. I'm hesitant to touch on the aesthetics of the two since this is subject to personal preference; but obligatory comment on the glossy accents being fingerprint magnets... blah, blah, blah... wait... I made a pun and didn't realize it. :doh:

All are welcome to tear down my criticisms or build on them as you see fit. Due to my general nature of avoiding forums(for the most part) and especially social media; I will likely not see any such responses to this thread until I return sometime in the distant future... if ever. Take care now! :thumb:
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