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Want to Buy Fan controller.. and a few other things.


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Feb 17, 2009
Fort McMurray, AB
Looking for a half decent looking front mounting fan controller that can handle 9w. It needs to run 2 Aerocool 1800 RPM fans, and possibly a couple other lower CFM fans. Also needs to be black to match my CM-690 and preferably have some sort of LED lighting as I am a light freak.

Also looking for some gently used UV Cold cathodes and some UV reactive Primochill anti kink 5/8", preferably orange or green. 2x 12" CCs would be ideal but could get away with a single 15".

EMT or paypal but EMT much prefered. Thanks =)

I know I can get the lights for about $5 on NCIX price matched and the primochill stuff for a couple of bucks too but if I can get this bundled with a decent fan controller id prefer to go that route =)

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