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Fat Partition to NTFS Boot Partition


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Mar 13, 2008
Hello everyone.
So results that after 3 weeks working fine my PC gave me only BSoD for all OS's load even with every F8 loading options of Vista x64.
This was I think due to some difficult and unworkable installation of ATI Catalyst Software.
So I decide, to do a clean re-install of both of my OSs. After having a pain to eliminate Partition on the DISC where Boot files were installed, since XP installation program was saying it could not access this HD partition, I succeed to do it by switching in Bios my Priority of HDD.

But my problem is not that. Here it is:
after eliminate all partition on Both HDD I partition again leaving on each Disc 1GB first partition for Boot Files.
So When I install XP Pro SP2 automaticly when I indicate to install on third partition of on of my DISC1, the program indicate that it has to format DRIVE C: (First Partition of DISC0) for some OS files (suppose BOOT Files) and automaticly format it as FAT, after that give me the option to quick format the Third Partition as NTFS where XP will be installed.
So now I have a FAT partition C: which indicate in administrative Tools > Disc Management is SYSTEM, eventhough in Explorer with View all Hide File active, nothing it's showed in this drive C:.
I want to Install now Vista Home Premium x64, and I think I read once that VISTA is the first OS not compatible with FAT partition.
Do I have to change this C: partition from FAT to NTFS, How can I do that and make sure to keep XP Boot File in good shape?

Also I'd like to activate PAE for my XP sonce I have 8gb RAM disponible, but I installed EasyBCD but when I start it it show error saying that I do not have Vista Installed. Before when my PC was working I try through EasyBCD in Vista to activate PAE but it did not show that I had XP installed. How does it work?

Thks in advance for your answers

Jack Rabbit

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Sep 9, 2007
Toronto, ON
I have no idea why the installer would have formatted the boot drive as FAT; maybe because it is so small. I do not think this is the normal way to dual boot VISTA and XP. AFAIK, the only files WinXP needs to have on the boot partition are the ntldr and the boot.ini. If you copy these files format the partition and copy them back it might work. However, I have not tried to dual boot VISTA and XP but I understand it has some weird tricks. I have seen links to tutorials for doing it so it might be better to walk through one of one of them.

You can not activate PAE for XP. If you want to get 8G of RAM in XP you need to use the x64 version.

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