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Fittings and Tubing questions

Keltron 3030

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Mar 18, 2010
Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland
I currently have barbed fittings in my loop, however I am interested in getting some compression fittings. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to having compression fittings over barbed? I am also looking to get some new fittings for my loop when I get my new video card w/waterblock, because the card is not coming with any fittings.

I was looking at these for compression fittings: Straight Connector - 3/8 ID - 5/8 OD - Value Pack (Set of 4) Straight Connector - 3/8 ID - 5/8 OD - Value Pack (Set of 4) [3858] - $20.99 : DazMode PC Watercooling Gear, Canadian Best PC Watercooling and Modding Store

With tubing, is there any brands I should prefer/avoid?

And finally, what colour tubing do you guys think would look good in my build? I was thinking either red or white. This will help determine what size tubing/fittings I will be getting :thumb:

Thanks in advance guys!


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Feb 20, 2012
I am confident that barb fittings work well. the only advantage to compression fittings is that you will
1) pay more,
2) can loose whatever zip-tie you have holding the tube down - if you even use them, and
3) virtually guarentee leaklessness.

can't say I can argue with the deal on those TFC's considering single Bitspower fittings start at 9bucks.

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