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Want to Sell Fo' sale - All sold for now


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Jan 28, 2008
Markham, Ontario
Time to get rid of some goodies publicly

Conditions of Sale:

1) Item's condition will be described below as LNiB or BNiB, and any specific issues or deficiencies will be explained in this post. Items are tested prior to listing or prior to being shipped.

2) You have three days after reception to confirm item's operation. Everything is tested prior to shipping either formally or through use (ie. if a working pull). Warranty status will be described in this post. Electronic receipt copies can be provided for all items. If somehow an item failed, and was shipped, I will take care of it :thumb:

3) I accept PayPal gift(s) EMT, or cold, hard ca$h. I live in Markham, Ontario and work in Richmond Hill. I am generally flexible during the day and on the weekends. I'll do a short drive here and there for meet-ups or pick-ups, within reason. I'm happy to remove a shipping charge, but not willing to pay the equivalent in gas to meet.

4) I ship within 24 hours of receiving a cleared payment, usually by Canada Post Venture One Expedited. If I get payment on a Friday night, the part will ship by Sunday afternoon, which means that parts will move Monday morning via Canada Post. For Paypal I wait until payment is cleared to avoid chargebacks and such.

I don't process EMTs until the shipment is ready to go. I will usually set up the shipment in Canada Post Venture One online tools, process the payment, print the label, stick it on and send within the next two hours or so depending on schedule.

My HeatWare (10e) is in my signature. Please use it when sale is completed or use iTrader(yay it's back)

-I can also receive e-mails on Rogers.com, and my e-mail address is 10e on their mail system :)

Any active [email protected] team members for any team are welcomed to ask for a bit of a special deal or perks on CPU or GPU related items Way To Fold

If there's anything in particular you need/want PM me, I may have it

Items for Sale:



1) Ryzen 7 1700 - LNIB - $240.00 shipped - $0LD

- Bought last March, so warranty goes 'till March 2020
- Full accessories, including Wraith Spire cooler with RGB LED, box, etc...
- Will include TIM syringe because the cooler was used and cleaned afterwards
- Capable of doing 3.8Ghz without issue, and higher if you want to play with higher offset. I believed I only used .1 volts for 3.8
- Water cooled its entire life, stayed under 50 celsius at full load, and only briefly in the high 60s testing with Wraith spire at 100% fan speed, which was still very quiet
- Don't need it any more as I upgraded to ThreadRipper because I'm nuts




1) Asrock Z170m Extreme4 - $0LD

- Bought June 27, 2016, full box with all accessories, I/O shield, etc...
- Second PCI-E slot has a broken clip, works perfectly though (actually used it with Crossfire)
- Used for about 4 months in a fully water cooled rig in a well cooled Micro ATX case
- Decent quality VRMS - supports both SLi and Crossfire
- BIOS updated to handle 7th gen i3/i5/7 CPUs
- I had no issues with this board, M2 slot worked as needed and all PCI-E slots as well. Fully tested with all 4 DIMM slots used too without problems
- Great, fully featured Micro ATX Socket 1151 board




Water Cooling


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Jan 28, 2008
Markham, Ontario
Emptied my inbox. Sorry for the inconvenience all!

Uhhhhmmmmm, BUMP?

Evolv ITX is pending!

Asus Motherboard is pending!
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