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Oct 14, 2009
You are Welcome. We take pride that we are different from the other Forums out there. Very civilized.
_dangtx_ has been a friend for several years now, at least 4 IIRC, and he's the guy who brought me up here. So I better lay a heap of thanks on him too or I'mm damn sure hear about it LOL. Dan I are both, in our own little way, both somewhat of a kook. We love mixing a healthy dose of fun, cut'n up and raising hell, you know what I mean, into the fray whenever possible. Forums just seem more alive and dynamic to us that way. Problem in the lower 48 is kids, all the way into their mid 30's in many cases, who just don't really grow up, lighten up. Hell if I weren't a cutup and a bit of a hell raiser, even at work, I'd never survive. Its healthy. BUT, if we get a lil over the top, smack us upside the head. We gotta learn something even over 60 :biggrin:

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