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Fresh install 8.1 Freezing but mouse still moves


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Oct 15, 2010
Irishman in Kiev, wOOoo, I'm an alien...
My best guess is that you have a slightly wonky instalk of windows to me..

That or as said, something wrong with settings /poorly behaving oc.

Was there any issue before the re-load?
Personally, if I have any issues like this with a fresh install, I wipe and restart fresh, no oc, nout..
Install windows (full fresh install, format and all) net drivers, and then windows updates.
Once they are installed (do a few restarts and check again each time) then I install each individual driver and restart 2 -5 times each.
Will give you some indication at least if it's stable or when an issue occurs.

Make sure your only putting in drivers you need and none of the bloat ware..

GL with it, hope you can fix


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Nov 11, 2010
I was having a look into event viewer and something was coming up around the time of these locks ups. This is what it showed.

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-EnhancedStorage-EhStorTcgDrv
Date: 1/17/2015 10:21:56 PM
Event ID: 10
Task Category: Driver
Level: Error
Computer: MikePc
A TCG Command has returned an error.
Desc: AuthenticateSession
Param1: 0x1
Param2: 0x60000001C
Param3: 0x900000006
Param4: 0x0
Status: 0x12

I have a crucial m500 ssd and people with them seemed to have the same issue with encryption. I mean,I dont know if thats the issue but I turned off fast boot in power options and someone mentioned they fixed the problem by disabling Windows Encryption Provider Host Service in services. So I went ahead and did that, not sure if thats a good thing or bad thing to do but im going to monitor and see over the next few days or until it happens again.