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Fresh install W10 for best performance?


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Oct 30, 2009
I stopped doing fresh installs once I switched to Windows 10, so approximately since Oct of 2015. Wanted to see how resilient the OS really was to major hardware swaps and it's surprisingly been fine so far. CPU, Motherboard, GPU, OS SSD have all been changed several times, as well as every feature update (on a delayed schedule) since then.

Every time I swapped a motherboard I expected some form of driver conflict for the chipset that would require me to start fresh but it hasn't been an issue. The only prep I've done is remove older driver versions from Programs & Features, and install the new ones afterwards. When I perform a Windows 10 Feature upgrade I generally just install the latest version of all drivers possible for chipset, network, etc prior to the upgrade. I remove my NuPrime uDSD driver completely as this causes an upgrade issue every time.

Besides that, I run CCleaner to wipe out registry entries periodically, and I always do clean installs of GPU drivers (Uninstall, reboot to Safe Mode, run DDU, reboot and install new drivers).

If I were inclined to switch over to Zen2 I would do a clean install - at that point there would be too much potential for issues to warrant this ongoing experiment.

Regardless, despite my positive experience I can't say I actually recommend doing this. :haha: