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Frustrated by Fans and ARGB.


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Nov 22, 2014
Ottawa, Canuckistan
This is probably "too little info too late", but I went with Fractal Design Prisma fans. No controller, since they have daisy-chainable ARGB cables. So you can link them together and run them directly off the motherboard (using Gigabytes awful RGB Fusion software). They also work on Asus boards too, since they're standard 5v ARGB, nothing proprietary, and no need for additional RGB software. But they cost mad $$$$.


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Sep 25, 2011
St. Louis, MO USA
I ended up going with the Corsair line just for the case bling and superior control.

Here is what I have:
Corsair Commander Pro
3x Corsair ML120 Pro RGB w/ Lighting Node
2x Corsair LL140 Pro RGB w/ Lighting Node
1x Corsair ML140 non RGB
Bitspower Temperature Sensor

Now here's how I THINK I should connect them:

Commander Pro
Fan Port 1: LL140 #1 (Rear Case)
Fan Port 2: ML120 #1 (Top Radiator, Rear)
Fan Port 3: ML120 #2 (Top Radiator, Middle)
Fan Port 4: ML120 #3 (Top Radiator, Front)
Fan Port 5: LL140 #2 (Center Case Bottom)
Fan Port 6: ML140 (Drive Cages)
LED 1: Lighting Node Pro #1
LED 2:
Temp 1: Bitspower Temperature Probe

Lighting Node Pro
Port 1: RGB Fan LED Hub #1
Port 2: RGB Fan LED Hub #2

RGB Fan Hub #1
LED Port 1: ML120 #1 (Top Radiator, Rear)
LED Port 2: ML120 #2 (Top Radiator, Middle)
LED Port 3: ML120 #3 (Top Radiator, Front)

RGB Fan Hub #2
LED Port 1: LL140 #1 (Rear Case)
LED Port 2: LL140 #2 (Center Case Bottom)

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