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FS: Dell 9400 Laptop. GTA area

King Luis

New member
Jan 22, 2008
- Dell 9400 laptop with:
Core 2 Duo T7400 @ 2.16ghz
120gb SATA Hard Drive
2GB DDR2 Memory
256MB Nvidia 7900GS video card (will run half-life 2 smoothly. played counter strike: source wirelessly with no lag issues or frame rate problems.
CD/DVD burner
1920 x 1200 17inch screen
Windows XP Pro will be freshly installed when sold.
Dell 3 year complete care. (Ends 24/09/2009) drop it and it will be fixed. spill something and it will be fixed.
- carrying case
- all cd's and manuals.No problems at all. Looking to buy a MacBook.

$1300 +shipping if needed to be shipped.

PM me or for a quick reply email:
l u i s c r i s o s t o m o @ h o t m a i l . c o m


Well-known member
Dec 2, 2006
Okanagan Falls, British Columbia
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Might want to add in your location too BTW

Good Luck with your Sale!

King Luis

New member
Jan 22, 2008
bump...still for sale..
$1300 + shipping....will also include vista home premium and xp pro from dell.
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