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FS - Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Dual Core Processor LGA775 Conroe 2.40GHZ 1066FSB 4MB L2


Jan 22, 2008
Near Montreal
There is one advantage to getting an E6600 nowadays, even though other processors are coming out.... that is people with older motherboards who don't want to replace their mobo can still use this processor. E6600 can be used by a lot more mobos than the new 1333fsb CPUs.

Get the performance, save a lot.

Lucky buyer will be provided with the original invoice, dated Nov 9th 2006. The system wasn't built until mid-Jan 2007, therefore this processor has been used for amount 12 months now. It was never overclocked passed the 3.0 GHz mark and is fully functional. The processor was purchased for $378 originally as now goes for roughly $260 brand new.

Asking $160 negotiable. Obvioiusly shipping fees are separate. If really in a hurry, I will be able to ship FedEx at deeply discounted rates, as I have a friend working there... he gets 75% off the regular price. If not in a hurry, will ship Canada Post.


Delivering the best overall performance. Period. Up to 40 percent faster than previous generation desktop processors¹ the Intel Core 2 Duo desktop processor provides unrivaled performance for all your desktop computing needs. With the latest arsenal of performance-rich technologies, including up to 4MB of shared L2 cache, and up to 1066 MHz Front Side Bus, you've got the future of computing now, and only from Intel:

Intel® Wide Dynamic Execution, enabling delivery of more instructions per clock cycle to improve execution time and energy efficiency
Intel® Intelligent Power Capability, designed to deliver more energy-efficient performance
Intel® Smart Memory Access, improving system performance by optimizing the use of the available data bandwidth
Intel® Advanced Smart Cache, providing a higher-performance, more efficient cache subsystem. Optimized for multi-core and dual-core processors
Intel® Advanced Digital Media Boost, accelerating a broad range of applications, including video, speech and image, photo processing, encryption, financial, engineering and scientific applications Big, big performance. More energy efficient¹. Now available in smaller packages.
The Intel Core 2 Duo processor-based desktop PC was designed from the ground up for energy efficiency, letting you enjoy higher performing, ultra-quiet, sleek, and low power desktop PC designs. Multitask with reckless abandon.
Do more at the same time, like playing your favorite music, running virus scan in the background, and all while you edit video or pictures. The powerful Intel Core 2 Duo desktop processor PCs provides you with the speed you need to perform any and all tasks imaginable.


Processor Model
E6600 (Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Dual Core Processor) Architecture65 nanometer technologyL2 Cache4ML3 CacheN/AClock Speed2.40 GHzFront Side Bus Speed1066 MHzOther Intel TechnologiesIntel® EM64TØ,
Execute Disable Bit°,

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