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FS: Multiple Items


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Dec 25, 2007
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
hey all,

I need to clean out my small apartment of things so time to sell some stuff :), the buyer pays shipping on the item and it will be shipped through Purolator or method of choice as long as it has a tracking number. If you feel a price is high PM me and let me know we can most likely work something out :).

First item up for sale is an Asus A8N-E motherboard for AMD processors. This board is brand new and only used once to test it a month ago to make sure it still works (was bought July, 2005 from NCIX). Although in that process I did break the rentension holder for the PCI-E video slot.

Price 90$ o.b.o

FORTRON FSP/SPI FSP400-60THN-R 400W ATX12V 2.0 24PIN BLUE STORM POWER SUPPLY W/ 120MM FAN RETAIL. Bought July, 2005 from NCIX used only to test it and it works.

75$ o.b.o

Sapphire Radeon X850 PE, card has been old faithful for me since July of 2005. Only reason to replace it out in my current machine was I pooch troubleshooting another machine and bought a video card for it (X1950 Pro) so I couldn't sell that card to the guy, so I sell this one as the other is now in my machine lol.

80$ o.b.o

There are larger sized picture if people want just let me know. I work in the oil field so responses might be a tad slow if I get sent out to work.


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