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Want to Sell FS: Western Digital 300 GB Velociraptors


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Aug 21, 2007
Toronto, ON
They're pretty quiet. Stock they're not as quiet as a Raptor 150GB 3.5". Stick them in a Scythe Quiet Drive and they're pretty awesome.
The first VR that I had (from matsta31) I tried pulling off the IcePack and it helped but still had a persistent whine, so I tossed the IcePack back on and put it in a SQD.
This pair is fairly new and have not been tampered with.

Actually, speaking of SQD's, I'll throw them in for an additional $25 each if picked up (they're heavy), otherwise +$30 shipped with the drives. I'll get pics up once I find all the screws and whatnot.

BTW I should add that I'm a silence freak. All of the fans in my system are at 5V, and my DDC3.2 is running at 7V. The buzz from my UPS and lights is louder than my system.
I'm looking to go SSD as I've already built a file server that sits in another room.

EDIT: Buy these so I can buy Linus`s X25-M`s!!! :D
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