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Want to Sell FSP Aurum Gold 750 watt PSU


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Feb 13, 2008
Laval, Qc
Hello all,

I am selling a new 750 watt FSP Aurum Gold PSU. Payment method will be with paypal and I am asking for 100$ shipped.

I am located in Laval Qc for all interested in pick-up.


Thanks and, God bless.

Sold list:

4 x Bitspower compressions to Feanor
2 x Bitspower True Silver to Feanor
4 x Regular barbs to Feanor
1 x Thermochill PA120.3 (25mm spacing) radiator to Feanor
3 x Noctua NFP12's to Feanor
6 x 120 mm fan grills to Feanor
3 x 320 GB Western Digital WD3200AAKS - 00B3A0 to _dangtx_
8 x Feser 45 degree angled adaptors everything for 20$ or 3$ each to demonsblood
2 x Bitspower compression fittings to demonsblood
1 x Sunbeam Rheobus Extreme fan controller 15$ to demonsblood
1 x Thermochill PA120.3 (25mm spacing)  to supeg
2 x Swiftech MCP 355 pumps in XSPC dual split reservoir to supeg
1 x 10ft Black Primochill 1/2 inch ID tubing 10$ to supeg
5 x Noctua NFP12's to supeg
7 x Bitspower 1/2 inch compression fittings to supeg
1 x DangerDen 1/2 inch plugs to supeg
2 x assorted regular 1/2 inch barbs to supeg
1 x Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium to Photograph
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