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Gamer comp - Diablo 3 and later


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Jun 26, 2010
Hello, i am 19 years old and i am from Denmark.

My old computer, which can run SC2 on low settings, is no longer good enough for my desire.
I would like a computer, which can play the new games, in the next 3 years.

I am going to play games like diablo 3, starcraft 2 and newer games, which requires some computer power.

I am kinder new to all the Hardware stuff - What is good or bad, and what is most important to be able to play "high req" games.

I am not going to overclock btw;)

I got a budget of:
1500 US dollars
9200 Danish Kroner
1 of them only ofc;)

I think i will be going quad-core.
4X 3.2 or something.
For that i want to ask a question: Is Phenom II good? For what i can see, it is cheaper then the others.
Is there a big difference betwen Core i7 and Core i5, Since Core i5 is alot cheaper?

The Graficcard will be HD 5870 i think.

Cpu cache is where i am a little lost, is 8mb L2 enough, or should i try find 16mb? Though have only seen 4mb and 8mb.

For the harddrive, i will probally use
Serial ATA-300
1 TB or 500gb

RAM : I will be running with

Remember i live in Denmark :)

Any advice would be appreciated ! Since i dont know 100% what i am saying;)
If you have any bad things or positive things, plz write :)
Or if you have any questions further, be free to ask :)

I am not thinking of collecting a whole new computer, i am going to buy 1, which is already been "made" collected. I just ask advice about the Hardware

Thanks again.
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Aug 4, 2007
yup, good cpu. slower then intel's counterpart, but much cheaper. 5870, as per other thread, great choice.

try 5850,also sugested before.

mobo wise, go gigabyte and maybe a phenom x6 1055. which mobo? depends what you want to spend for it. psu wise, corsair,seasonic,and so on.


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Mar 13, 2010
Hamilton Ont
New Builds

If you are wanting to get that much memory, make sure you are getting a 64 bit system, as a 32 bit system only recognizes and uses 3gb of ram. You also want a case that provides good air flow, but you probably don't want it to sound like a jet engine either. The in store display is usually in an optimum setup, yet at home could be in an enclosed area making it sound even louder. Also be certain that the system leaves room for upgrade if you wish to say add an extra graphics card, HDD, or what not. I'm sure the experts on this site will have some even better and more important points than what I've mentioned, so don't get discouraged. The more you know, the better you'll do. I also think you should check prices of individual components online to give you an idea of costs. This way you can compare the price of a pre-assembled unit to what purchasing components and assembling would be. Purchasing and assembling your own really isn't that difficult. The hard part is optimizing the unit after assembly,at least in my limited opinion. Good luck!

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