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gaming headsets have really gone hi-fi!

Mr. Friendly

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Nov 21, 2007
British Columbia
all headphones will benefit from a dedicated DAC and amp, whether they're hi-fi or not. granted, if you buy low-fi or garbage-fi, the benefit is likely to be much less than pairing to something of quality.

Massdrop and their collaborations have caused quite the stirr...bringing in hi-fi headphones at a price point that was unimaginable before. the HE-4xx are an excellent example as $180 for a planar was unimaginable before. or the HD58x and HD6xx, bringing in dynamic driver headphones for $200 or less that would be 2 or 3x the price. granted, there are some caveats...limited warranty and things have been done to drive the build cost down, but getting 90% or more of the performance for such a discount is worth it!
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