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Gigabyte Aivia Krypton Mouse & Mouse Pad Review


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Feb 26, 2007
The gaming peripheral market is a crowded place with a large number of companies vying for the attention of Enthusiasts. While Cooler Master, Razer, SteelSeries and many others have been around the block numerous times, certain Gigabyte has a long way to go before they can be considered one of the “greats” of this niche. However, with their new Aivia Krypton series of products, this onetime dark horse of the peripheral space is truly blazing a new trail.

The first product being introduced in an effort to attain some street cred among gamers is the Krypton gaming mouse. At $80, this may be one of the more expensive mice on the market but the number of features it brings to the table is literally second to none. Gigabyte has designed this mouse mainly designed for claw grippers but it should suit other less demanding gamers just as well. The Krypton includes 10 buttons with on-the-fly DPI settings and most importantly, it is completely symmetrical so it can be used by left or right handed gamers.


Equipped with a rubberized surface and some great build quality, there’s quite a bit to like about this new entry into the peripheral market. Gigabyte hasn’t stopped there either since the Aivia Krypton includes a highly responsive 8200 dpi sensor and a robust software stack as well.

The Krypton’s underside features a unique system of swappable plates, one of which has “speed” glides while the other comes equipped with a higher resistance “control” surface. These plates hide the Krypton’s weight distribution system that comes with ten individual weights for a nearly endless amount of customization.


The Krypton gaming matt uses a dual surface design with a fabric-finished precision side and a silky smooth flipside finished in PVC which is tailor made for speedy responses. This is a relatively large mousepad and it does command a hefty price –in this case $40- but Gigabyte’s focus here is firmly upon delivering a great experience rather than cutting corners. There were some slight issues encountered throughout testing so make sure to watch the full review before buying this.


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