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GN Benchmarks i7-6700K and i5-6600K against Newer CPUs


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Jan 7, 2011
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I don't know if GN added 4K to this one, but it wasn't present on the 4790K video and it feels like a real omission to me (I don't believe it's on their writtent reviews either still). Sure it's not the 'mainstream' resolution yet, but it's common enough in conversation and as a format it's worthwhile. Plus at 4K you really see the GPU bottleneck on the high end. I don't care if I can play a game at 240 fps at 1080/1440, but I do care a lot if a game only plays at 30-45 fps instead of 60 fps.

That being said, GN has really become my go-to for reviews once HW started trimming down the reviews. I still check ours of course, but GN is my mainstay.
With my i5 6600k. I found game smoothness was shit. Getting micro stutters and such
Because the CPU was pegged to near 100%. So once it hit 100%. Stutters would start. Because of only having 4 threads. Vs the I7 6700k. With had 4 more Threads then the 6600k. Which makes a world of difference.