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Google Play Music Is Done


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Feb 12, 2007
Grande Prairie, AB
We did talk about this a bit in the music streaming thread.

I'll probably jump ship when I'm forced to stop using it. Biggest issue I have so far is that for YouTube I use a 'brand account' as I didn't want to use my real name. That is where all my subs are. But YouTube Music forces me to use my main google account. So on my desktop I can either be logged in to one or the other. Listening to music and pause to look for new vids in my subs, nope. Gotta log out. Complete deal breaker here.

Plus IMO the UI for desktop is meh. Still doesn't even have basic functionally like selecting multiple items at once. And I honestly doubt it will ever get added. The GPM app and web ui has been exactly the same for like 5 years. I see some of the same issues w/ YTM Android app that were in GPM. Deleting a song from a playlist while playing? Nope. You have to go back to the playlist page and dig through the 1000 songs and and delete it there.


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Nov 20, 2007
North Shore
I dont get the move. I'm not impressed. I have playlists from my own music and some bought music. I like how it was with google music. Starting to really dislike Google's direction.

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