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great test tool for repairing DDR2/DDR3 memory card


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Apr 7, 2012
I recently found a very convenient test tool for DDR2/DDR3 memory card before repairing defective cards: desktop laptop DDR2/DDR3 memory test card [PA-MT32] sintech pc adapter world shop.

Memory Test Card right LCD shows the DIMM test result, and it includes three parts. The first part show the DIMM first Rank test result, the second part shows the second Rank test result. The third part shows the DIMM address line scan result. In the first part and the second part, it will also show how many memory chips in this Rank.
In the third part of Memory Test Card right LCD screen, it uses 10 panes to represent 10 DIMM address line. Because memory chip uses multiplexing row and column address lines, this 10 pane can almost
represent all address line problems. When something is wrong in the address line, it the right side of the third part, it will show a error sign “X”, then the corresponding address panes will become Red. If there is no error in address lines, error sign “X” will be
disappear, and all address line panes will be with Green color. Because memory address lines test result is interactional with memory data lines test result, we can’t simply separate address line test
result and data lines test result. Usually, users should use the below rule to eliminate the problems.
1. When address error sign “X” appears, and all 8 panes in the first part show Red color, user should eliminate the address line error first. That using multi-meter to measure the resistor value of every address line is the most efficient way to find out an
address line error. User can refer the address line Red pane to use multi-meter to try to find the address line error. But because memory chip address lines are complex, and every address line will be connected to all memory chips, even there doesn’t show the Red pane in address line portion, we still suggest users to check all address lines
with multi-metes.
2. When address error sign “X” appears, but not all panes are with Red color in the first part, uses should try to find out memory data lines or memory chips problems first

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