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GT630 Driver issues....


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Oct 25, 2017
:dots:Hi...my system is doing a rather odd thing..

everytime i play a game (World of tanks for example) the graphics drivers on my gt630 quits reloads(In other words,crashes)

I have GPU-Z installed and i see no means for it to do that from the temperature to the core clocks

And i even tried playing GTA SA on lowest medium settings and it still went down....

the fps are good and it just does the trouble even if the game is in idle..

Last thing is i made sure that no dust are in the card and the system is clean..still no sign of hardware malfunction

Can anyone tell me if this is a driver issue and if it is...how can i fix this??

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Oct 4, 2007
I'm assuming you tried to reinstall, otherwise, try a different driver version. Go back one, or try a beta.

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