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Hard drive and video card issues


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Apr 28, 2009
Edmonton Alberta

So after backing up all my documents and trying to clone the drives using both Norton partition magic and Acronis revealed that more than the drive that died was bad. I had two 250 GB seagate 7200.10 drives that were both failing causing a system lock up before booting. I remove all the old drives dust out the case and install the new drive and clean up the cabling.

I hook it back up and hit the power, the lights and fan comes on but the CPU fan is not spinning plus I have no video. I hook up the cpu fan to a different connector and the fan spins solid HDD light but still no video.
I try two other video cards with the same result. I am a bit panicked having no idea what could be wrong. So I take a break and make my kids some lunch and it dawns on me if maybe I put a bad sata cable back in and I switch it with a new one and still the same issue. I think why would the rest of the system get power but not the cpu and video. I look and see the 24 pin connector is just slightly out on the top end. I plug it in and it boots up. I get windows 7 installed and the system works flawlessly. I was 8 hours into prime 95 when I left for work this morning and the system was stable.
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