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Hardware Canucks Overclocking Team

Dead Things

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Oct 7, 2008
Centre of the Universe
Welcome one and all to the (Not Officially) Official Hardware Canucks Overclocking Team! If you have a passion for making your hardware go harder, better, faster, stronger then you are in the right place...


According to Wikipedia, overclocking is “the process of making a computer or component operate faster than the clock frequency specified by the manufacturer by modifying system parameters.” Wiki is undoubtedly correct to call it a “process” – but I think perhaps a more precise characterization would be to call it an “art/science.”

At long last, likeminded overclocking enthusiasts at Hardware Canucks will now have a chance to come together in a competitive yet friendly environment. From the seasoned pro to the OC noob, everybody is welcome to participate, have some fun, and learn a thing or two about a thing or two. The Hardware Canucks Overclocking Team will offer not just an opportunity for competition, but also for collaboration. Push hardware to its limits, compete within your team, and compare your results to those of other overclockers around the world. Sounds like fun... don't it?!?!?

And what better opportunity than to compete as part of the Number 8 Team in the World, as determined by the 2016 Team Cup, a competition of all the top overclocking teams internationally!

Joining the Team

Let’s get started! First, you’ll need to sign up for an account at hwbot.org. This is the website that hosts all of the team competitions that we will be having. Follow this link to sign up. You may choose any username you like, but it is important that you join the Hardware Canucks Overclocking Team to participate in our team challenges. Once that’s done – congratulations! You’re now part of the Hardware Canucks Overclocking Team!

The Hardware Canucks Overclocking Team Captain is myself, Dead Things. Feel free to ask me questions, pick my brain, engage me in pillow talk, send me general correspondence and letters of affection, take me out for beers, really most anything at all – I'm pretty open-minded.

About HWBot.org

HWBot features the world’s only non-stop overclocking competition platform known as the HWBoints rankings. 30,000 overclockers from all over the world compete in a dozen or so of the most popular benchmarks in thousands of hardware categories, resulting in over 550,000 benchmark results, a figure that is increasing by over 500 every day. The benchmark results generate points awarded to both the member’s profile, the team’s profile and the country of origin and based on those points members are ranking in the Overclockers League, Hardware Masters League, Teams League and many more sub-rankings.

Closing Comments

Let’s keep this open and friendly. We are a team first and foremost, and we hope to foster an environment of sharing expertise, experience, insights and knowledge. I know as a community our team has the potential to rise up the worldwide rankings! Please feel free to post any questions, suggestions, and – most importantly – results! Now stop reading and start overclocking!

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Apr 13, 2008
Edmonton, AB
Dammit people, I am really trying to fend off the upgrade bug and threads like this are certainly not helping.

Remembered that I was already on the team. Currently 19th, might have to get higher than that.


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Sep 17, 2008
Bolton, Ontario
I'm in but i'm not going back to air conditioning or liquid nitrogen. The wife will kill me


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Oct 30, 2011
Calgary AB
I'm in, will look at how I can help this weekend still working on the case design to make it so I can have my super rig going 24/7 :thumb: