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Want to Sell HD2400 Pro, HT STRIKER 7.1, WinTV-HVR


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Apr 14, 2008
Hey Guys,

I have some stuff for sale. Everything is in excellent condition and works :haha:

I have an HD2400 Pro for sale, $25 + Shipping
It's the silent version :) Temps are pretty good. I could play L4D on it at a decent resolution. Excellent for silent computers.
Comes in original Box (Accessories are no where to be found :ph34r:)

Next is my beloved HT OMEGA Striker 7.1
Comes with all the the accessories and the box

And the last thing that I'm giving away is a WinTV-HVR-1600 ATSC/NTSC 74551 LF
I never ever used it! It came OEM but I tested it and it works perfectly fine. The Cable TV is awesome :) SOLD!

Contact me for shipping and we could work something out.
Need more pictures? Contact me :thumb:
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