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Help? Asus p6x58d prem


Apr 2, 2012
I have been experiencing some weird issues recently with my computer.

Mouse lag.... randomly usually just on the net browsing/talking to friends on wlm and facebook. Happened once in BF3.

Keyboard forgets keys i'm holding down. Mainly while in BF3, but I did a lot of stuff recently to try to fix it and it seems to have completely gone away... which I will list later.

On post it says loading "usb controller" and it just stays there for awhile then it says cannot detect keyboard, but when it loads windows my keyboard works. Again did some things and it seems to have fixed the issue.

All this has just been happening in the last week or 2.

What i've tried to fix it.

driver swept video card, reinstalled previous driver (now on the newest though)
NEC USB3.0 controller firmware update and driver reinstall/update
Reinstalled all my mouse/keyboard drivers
up my QPI volated to 1.3
Up my cpu core like 0.03v
Dusted my computer (compressed air of course)

With all those changes all of the issues mentioned were fixed except i'm still experiencing random mouse lag.


i7 930 at 3.6 (blck 165, cpuV 1.18125, QPI 1.30625, DRAM bus 1.65) during prime95 max temp mid 70.
OCZ 1333 6gb gold XTC ram at 1322mhz. 3x2gb
Asus p6x58D prem
ATI 5770
WD black 1tb hdd
corsair 750 TX v1

It's been running fine since 29/04/2010 except now of course

I really hope it's not my mobo because it costed me like 290ish when I bought it.
anything else i'm missing? any ideas?

edit: sometimes it lags hardcore for a few seconds instead of just a millisecond jump when I click on WLM or that new fb messenger you can download. It's only those 2... which is odd

edit2: My 5770 used to overclock to 930/1300 now it's at 880/1280 or else it would get artifacts and or driver crash.... could my 5770 really be the problem?

edit3: Also just remembered there's an area on the top right of my screen where my scrolling doesnt work. It's below the taskbar, length goes around 3/4 down the screen width is like 1.5 inches of my 19" LCD 4/3 1280x1204

I think that's the first symptom that ever showed up.


May 5, 2007
Vancouver, BC
Is this computer recently built? If yes, maybe a bios update could help if you are running an older version?

Does that unable to detect error happen if you connect a different keyboard?


Apr 2, 2012
no the computer is around 1.75 years old. It held a stable OC for that long as well.

I am on the latest bios

Keyboard detects since the QPI adjusted to 1.3 and core +0.03

Recently though I've reset my bios and have only changed the following:

rambus to 1.65v
ram to 1333mhz
powersaving and turbo options on the cpu off.

Everything detects fine (oddly a lot faster too)..... the cursor lag and random unscrollable area on my screen is intermittent instead of constant. BF3 intermittent lag is also fixed.

My friend the other day said it could be my powersupply not delivering enough power? Is that a possibility? I never thought it could be the psu. I still think it's the cpu/mobo.... granted we both aren't experts.

edit: I really hope it's the cpu/mobo. As then I can just upgrade to the new intel small socket whenever it comes out.... or if it dies really soon i might just go for the current small socket (1155). At the same time if it's my video card... which I doubt it would be a lot cheaper to replace. SIGH my love for new things

edit: Just tried using my webcam and I couldn't scroll on chrome but it worked eveywhere else. Keyboard commands would start doing other things like control paste/copy or just wouldnt work anywhere. When I turned off torrents everything went back to normal tho.... even with the webcam on. I didn't have a problem with the utorrents before the webcam went on so I doubt it's utorrent causing an issue.
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