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Help setting up my first SSD under SMART RESPONSE


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Aug 12, 2011
Hello all!

I'm reading my motherboard manual right now. Brand new system, first SSD insde, and I want it all to be allocated to "Smart" my primary disk to enhance performance of my system. The other disks are mostly just storage.

Thing is, the primary disk right now is cut into two partitions. C: (OS) and D: (Games) and i really thought I could set this up by enabling the raid, and then formatting the C drive and installing Windows 7-64 normally. I thought that at this point, my SSD would index everything on the drive, thus including my Games partition. It's over 500 gigs large, includes priceless savegames, tons of hours spent carefully modding my favorite games and all that. Cant afford to wipe it.

Thing is, in my motherboard's RAID utility, I'm told to select the drives I want to raid, and whilst I get to "pick" the OS partition only in the Gigabyte utility, when confirmation time comes, I'm told the DRIVE will be wiped clean! Now I obviously made sure ahead of time I had nothing to lose on my system partition (all duly backed up to an external disk) but I dont want to risk the game partition. Nothings backed up.

Would you guys tell me if I can safely go ahead and only the system partition should get wiped, or should I rather just install windows normally, then back up everything on my game disk, and then go back, and THEN enable raid knowing the whole disk will be wiped? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The board that's confusing me so is this one: Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 ATX LGA1155

As always, thank you for anything.


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Aug 21, 2011

Although familiar with smart response, I have never used it as of yet. However I do use a 120 Gb SSD for my OS, with the OS Temp-Swap file, data and games on a HDD.
If I am correct you have 1 SSD and 1 HDD, to be used in a SMART RESPONSE Hybrid role. Your HDD and 2 partitions will DEFINITELY be wiped under raid, both partitions will be wiped and the system will use the total storage as 1 partition on your HDD.

Now some possible good news. I have in the past without a win 7 fresh install, taken my system from 1 HDD AHCI too 2 HDDs in RAID. I did a Backup of my HDD then copied it to my 2 HDD RAID. Not sure if this can be done with SMART RESPONSE, but you could google "how to AHCI to RAID". There is a guide, basically you will be installing RAID drivers onto your current OS, setting 2 registry entry's, reboot into BIOS, set SATA to RAID and boot into WIn7 with your current 2 partition HDD. Like I said I am not sure if SMART RESPONSE will work with this or not.

REMEMBER to do a complete backup of your HDD if you try this. (BOTH partitions)

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