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Help Wanted! Anybody want to make some extra cash?

Dead Things

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Oct 7, 2008
Periphery of the Universe
Hello my fellow HWC'ers!

I am in need of some assistance in analyzing some social media data. Basically, I have a big spreadsheet of Twitter posts, and I need to go through them all to check if certain messages, issues or conditions are being met. The job requires some thoughtfulness, which is why I thought I would be better off asking for help in a place like this than on Craigslist or Kijiji. I already have a few people working on this, but there's just too much work to go around right now.

I am not asking for volunteers; I will pay you for the work you do. As an estimate based upon the pace of work so far, you could earn as much as $25/hour for as many hours as you want to put in. This is contract work, and not ongoing - so don't quit your jobs for this! But if you want to make a bit of extra cash over the next few weeks (just in time for Christmas *wink wink*), this could be the gig for you!

If you are interested, please send me a PM and I will provide more details about the work. If you have a resume handy, it would also be a good idea to send me a copy. I will sign a contract with you guaranteeing that you will be paid for the work you do - I assure you my company is legitimate. If you have a GST number, I will pay the GST or HST owing on however much you earn depending on where your business is registered.

I want to make something very clear - this has nothing to do with HWC. This is between you and me. HWC endorses neither this thread nor any agreements you and I may enter into as a result of this thread. I completely absolve HWC of any responsibility for this thread, as do you if you choose to PM me in response to this thread.

Please note that I can't necessarily enter into an agreement with everyone (or anyone for that matter). That decision rests exclusively with me. Also note that I will not respond to any PMs until tomorrow, Oct. 19.

Note to HWC: I checked with a mod before posting this thread, but in case it is indeed against forum policies, delete the thread but please don't ban me!
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