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HEXUS on the new Asus Commando Intel P965 Express motherboard


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Dec 2, 2006
Okanagan Falls, British Columbia
"Once HEXUS.staff were able to reconnoitre the area, the infiltrator was discovered, ready for unboxing. So, we opened it up and had a look.

Interrogation suggests that HEXUS was the Commando's first target... so we can show you, for the first time, the ASUS Commando out in the wild, doing some covert wet work.

So what makes this board so special that ASUS gave it such an elite title? Well, it's designed to support system bus speeds up to 2280MHz (that's right), along with memory clocks of up to 1300MHz. Lap that up, why don't ya!"

Morwe @ HEXUS

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