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hot psu = dying?


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Jan 29, 2009
Am in the process of closing down my aunts office(she is closing and got a good number of old computers and cables etc...)

She offered me to pick up anything.

Picked up a dell server and also a desktop.

When disassemble the pc I noticed the PSU is hot! the case is very cheap and I felt the heat seem to pass thru the thin casing.

I then open the case and noticed the computer is very clean, absolutly no dust(very suprise since she have that computer ON for the past 2 1/2 year. I think her uptime was 450 days.)

When I touch the psu physically it is quite warm, it is not to the point it will burn my finger. The case has close to none vent, there are 2 40mm (1 side 1 back case fan which I giggled when I saw it.)

Computer was 3 years old ish with the following parts.

Pentium D 3.0
1gb ddr ram
7300 LE nvidia
asus ??? mobo
antec true power 550watt(I am sure it's 500 - 550) and it's probably the old truepower

is that a sign of psu dying? I am planning to use it 24/7 in my room.. last thing I want is to have my room on fire :dots:


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Apr 17, 2009
Quebec City
old true power were having a problem withthe fan controller if my memories good. The fan was not running (running slow) until the PSU was reaching a certain temp and then run 100%. If the computer have decent airflow then, yes the PSU can beon the last day. If it's really a 500-550 these part would not pull more then like...220W so he is not supose to get warn. I think you should plug it with 1 fan let it run add another fan and blablabla to see if he get's hot or if it was only due to bad condition.


Oct 19, 2009
Chertsey 60 KM north of Montreal
when a dead psu fan is solder on the board of the psu, and I'm to leasy to unsolder it , I just run a regular fan wire outside the psu ( true the hole of the other wire ) and plug it on a molex . do not open the PSU if you have no back groung in electronic. the condenser discharge can kill you, even unplug . Just change that PSU , even if you only change the fan, the condensers are aging too.