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How do game mouse software and win ctrl panel mouse settings interact?


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Oct 17, 2018
On my G403 mouse, If I set the Logitech Gaming Software to very high DPI - like 10000 - and then go into
the Windows control panel mouse settings and reduce the mouse sensitivity setting, this will make the mouse
move slower across the screen, and not fling around like it does with a DPI setting of 10000.

But the Logitech Gaming Software will still read 10000 DPI. So does lowering the mouse sensitivity in the
Windows control panel mouse settings reduce the DPI which the mouse sensor reads the underlying surface
or is the high resolution retained, and the movements are translated to slower somehow? (and if so, how,

If the resolution is retained, then this will be an excellent way to use a very high resolution on the sensor
without it translating to the mouse cursor travelling 4 miles for every inch you move it on the mousepad.

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