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How long a case nowadays?


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Jun 5, 2010
I find lots of cases that may have issues w/"full sized" cards but haven't dived into specs recently. But silent is a must have. I may get a better laptop and just fire up one of the boxes when I game, start some video editing, database stuff. But more ram slots is another good point, like my 'having extra slots in case of some mobo failure'.

I'm not into mac at all besides my name. Want to get back to learning Linux but summer's been busy : P. But those Fractal Design cases make me salivate. be quiet Silent Base 800 interests me but want slightly smaller.

Anyway I'm prob going to cobble together a frankenbox for the next 4-5 months and then blow it all out and start fresh: get rid of every pc except a new (smaller) Ryzen, probably hold off on a $$$ card but new LCD, laser printer, keyboard, mouse, everything but a bigger UPS. But I probably won't have time to enjoy it next year : )



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Jan 18, 2012
Be careful, Linux can be a pita sometimes. :) I wonder how the Mac OS compares. Sometimes, I wonder whether it's worth it, to try a Hackintosh.

I want silent, too. I got tired of hearing noise from the computer. I'm interested in virtualization so I thought I should get a mobo that has 4 slots - unfortunately, that would rule out an ITX build.

There's quite a bunch of ITX-sized video cards out there but still not a lot - meaning, your choices will be limited and you will have to pay whatever price they're at if you limit yourself to such cards. That's what made me grumble about it. :) But, they are convenient. That is, you don't have to worry so much about them fitting in whatever case you get. I'm not sure how they are compared to the full size cards. Full size cards often have two fans, too. Louder, maybe, but runs cooler? I dunno...
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