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how much of an improvement going from 4690k-i7 7700k?


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Oct 3, 2007
As it does not support Windows 11, unless you got a killer used part deal, I would suggest as a minimum a 6 core cpu.

You still have to buy mobo / ram, so choose wisely.

You may find something in your budget with ryzen 2000+ or intel 8000/9000+ series.

EDIT : There is a good deal on a 10600k / mb / ram combo for 350 shipped in BST, as an example.
I pmed but no reply its probably gone now


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Jun 3, 2011
If you see value now in the upgrade it will benifit in the long run as GPU's improve at higher resolutions the CPU will become relevant again in the future. 1080p will have gains, 1440p will have gains, 4k will have gains in the future depending on the GPU and scaling of new tech.

If you work and utilize your CPU like I do with multiple VM's then you will see value in a good cpu.