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How to set up HFM.NET and FahMon to monitor [email protected] progress. Now with videos.


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Jun 4, 2007
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(from my Ubuntu crib sheet)

system->administration->shared folders

The first time you go down this path you will be prompted to download and install sharing software ... since my main rig is wxp, i leave samba selected and deselect nfs.
Once it downloads and install samba then you can continue ( no reboot necessary)

add your home folder and deselect 'read only' checkbox so you can copy to this from another machine - leave read only if you prefer since it is good enuf for fahmon.
I also select general properties and change the domainname to 'WORKGROUP' since this is my default domain on my WXP rigs. If you use WXP home then i expect the default MSHOME is good for you.

now open a terminal window: applications->accessories->terminal
in the terminal window type : 'sudo smbpasswd -a [username]' and then you will have to enter your password once for the sudo override to authenticate you, and then twice more for the smbpasswd command.

You should now be able to share files with all your other rigs. For convenience i use the same userid and password on all my wxp and linux installs.

When I go System>Administration, there is no Shared folders (ubuntu in VMWare)

I am wondering if my wu are being sent from this machine (Q9450), they seem to hang at completion while shutting down core. (oc too high-remove forceasm?)


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May 22, 2007
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I believe you have to install all updates prior to that. But it's been a while since I played with this.... and with that new Vmware Player setup, it's much more faster and easier to use than this true Linux backend.


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Jul 12, 2008
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I have not done any screens of Windows 7 as I have not used it yet. I'll update the post for the locations of the data folders, but I won't be updating how to enable hidden files and folders until I get to use 7.

Can anybody verify that the process to enable files and folders is the same in 7 as I have outlined for Vista?


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Dec 9, 2008
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Great tutorial, thanks! Got Fahmon all set up like a breeze and it's nice to be able to see the log file without constantly opening it from the systray for each (CPU and GPU) and it's nice to see the points I'm making per day as well. Now I'm even more inclined to start learning about overclocking!


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Jan 1, 2009
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Ok, I thought I would try this VMware out again but i'm not sure if is working and I cant get FahMon to work ether.I have it set for 2 cores and their both at 100% so I think its working but without FahMon I don't know? When I downloaded the VMware to my desktop I did not read where it was putting the files,I just Next,Next ,Next right through it:whistle:.What do I put in the Location ,I dont get this "To monitor with FAHMON or Fahspy simply point either monitoring app to
\\<your ip>\c\etc\folding\1\ " What IP address ,The one that they gave to the VMware( or my real IP and how should it look like in the location with the rest of the stuff their (\c\etc\folding\1\). I want to do 2 VMware clients but I want to make sure this one is working first,that and I think I really :censored: the second one by renaming the stuff in the folder and now it cant find a file:whistle:,but one thing at a time.Can someone take a pic (snip) of what their location looks like with IP address and the rest of the stuff, because I dont get it.thanks


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