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how to solve a "Slug Speed every afternoon" ?


Aug 4, 2007
connect one pc to the modem and observe. nothing else, no router,switches,grandmothers nor beavers

test your connection properly, see whats being lost, etc. you will find soemthing.

4mb...it can load pages..10 secs? depending on the page..can be but thats slow.

your modem might have a way do diagnose if you access it. call them right away when the issue starts.

during the day me linux distros suffer on p2p a great deal..after a certain hour at night, full open..called them many times....no official explanation :)


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Jan 15, 2010
Traffic shaping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

how to solve a slug speed every after noon?

i got cable connection. my connection goes beyond slow every 12pm to 4:30pm like when i play games online on my ps3.... in the middle of a fight and got disconnect and i got in back then disconnect in middle of fight again. same goes to pc gaming when i play mmorpgs.... i rapidly get disconnect and when i surf the web it is very slow like takes 10sec to load a page or sometimes dont load at all.

i check speedtest . net and i got 4mb! usually i supose to get 24mb or something. its like someone is controlling my connection! like ok lets make his connection goes berserk at 12 to 4:30 its like remote slow.

i thought it might be normal to be slow when theres alot of people caus cable share speed... people get off work and go to internet and kids get off school and play with internet... but then the slow happend at the time when kids and people still at work and school. 12pm. weekday. so its not normal.

question :
also theres some broadband site that has isp employee representive.... i heard we can give our mac address to them and they can check whats wrong... is it safe to give them mac address? is mac address personal? if not, how do i look for my mac address? how do i know what mac address i have?

also i forgot how to go to router page setting... i have to type some url or something... i forgot... how do i get to the setting page for my router?


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Jun 12, 2010
Langley, BC
Call up your ISP and see if its a problem on their end or yours. If it's yours ask them to come check your lines, the should replace them and give you a new modem to try, if it still happens chances are they oversell.