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HP Procurve network switches


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Mar 6, 2008
McGregor, Ontario
Hey Everyone!

First off, full disclosure: The construction company my brother in law works for salvaged these network switches from a job site, and had every intention of throwing them out (probably explains the slightly more beat up appearance). My brother in law grabbed them and passed them along to me.

Unfortunately, I don't have a use for them, but maybe someone else on here will.

What I've got, and my estimated pricing is as follows:

3 x HP Procurve 2824 (J4903A) switches (24 port, gigabit) - $125 apiece?
1 x HP Procurve 2810-24G (J9021A) (24 port, gigabit) - $50?

I could find these online for $150 for the 2824 and $80 for the 2810, I presume used, and discounted them further due to the appearance. Not sure of functionality as of yet, will verify that they power on and don't have any errors tonight once they are actually in my possession.

Does this sound fair? If there isn't any interest, unfortunately they will end up at the transfer station, since I already have gigabit network in my house.



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