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HP Reverb 1st gen price check


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Nov 26, 2012
I just got my Reverb G2s today from PC-Canada (hurrah for pre order coming through first in Canada, so many in the USA are PISSED that we got them first).

I've already sold one of my Reverbs, and I have one of the first gen ones left. It's the "newer" gen 1 that had the cable issue corrected (You can Google that entire saga if you don't know about and wish to, I can provide the serial number which proves this unit is one of the newly manufactured G1 Reverbs that has all the fixes built in already). Very, very low time on this one, maybe 50 hours total, and is in like new condition. All the original boxes, controllers, etc of course are included. Still under warranty for another couple of months.

With the new Reverb G2 out (availability will be similar to the new AMD chips and nVidia 30xx cards for a while yet), obviously the value of the first gen Reverbs will drop. They were mid $850 + tax/etc, I'm thinking $400 shipping included would be fair-ish. Too high, too low, opinions wanted.

Thanks again HC community.

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