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HTCP "Boom box" advice , thoughts , input?


Jun 3, 2010
Hey all , I plan to buy a nice new I-7 920 later this year (Another topic) , My current rig just can't cut it anymore but , my Athlon chip has been to good for me to just turn my back on it and throw it in my closet so I decided I want to create a dedicated music box for my room.

I want it to look and feel like a stereo reviver so I need it to be a very simple interface no monitor is a must and it must be very quit well silent actually. I might heavily underclock the cpu and passively cool it I don't think a system dedicated to mp3s would need a powerful processor and again silence is key. I really want it to be press the on button music starts shortly after ( A premade playlist on shuffle)

As far as software goes I might run XP and I have seen cases with remote controls and LCDs it would be great to have a remote I could go to the next song play or pause the songs this would make it really easy for anyone to figure.So I would run one of the various players that is supported likely itunes or windows media player.

My other idea would be run a distro of Linuix and from a networked pc drop songs I wanna listen to into a queue folder where the songs are played then deleted immediately after so only a small ssd would be required.

Thoughts? input? advice? I hope I made what I was thinking of clear , my mind is sort of scattered