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HWC Joins The DC Vault


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Feb 19, 2008
Aylmer QC.
For those of you that are not familiar with DC Vault, it`s a Distributed Computing stats tracking site that most of the forums with big DC teams are listed on. As our Teams are steadily rising up the ranks I thought it was time Hardware Canucks was listed as well.
The DC Vault tracks the rankings in some 40 different DC projects subdivided into different catagories, in addition to the overall ranking.

Our Team is currently ranked in 222th place overall, out of 430+ teams. Besides the subcatagory rankings you can also check our status for each individual project.

The DC Vault Homepage is here; DC Vault - Home Page
Hardware Canucks Teampage is here; DC Vault - HWC Team Details

With our Teams we should have no problem climbing up the ranks quickly, I thought it only fair to give the other teams some warning before we pass them, GO Team...:canadianwave:

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