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HWC thermal compound review

Nov 18, 2010
I just received my application last week and finally applied some on the weekend. It was on sale and free shipping so about 30 I paid I think. ANyways it's not about the money.

THe compound is sticky, not your normal compound where you can take a credit card and spread it. It will stick to it. I used the 3 lines and then put my heatsink on top and twisted it a few times. 3 thin lines of course.

Anyways it's amazing, i was using Arctic silver 5 before.

My temps have dropped at least 5 degrees, the idle temps are the same. It's the load temps. At 4.5ghz for Linx I would hit 58 degrees max, now 52-53 degrees, when I am gaming I dont hit 50. The only thing that was changed was the thermal paste.

HWC store, thank you for such a great compound.

In case you are wondering my components:

i72600k at 4.5ghz

Proliamatech megha with 2 coolermaster blade master 120mm fans in push pull config.


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
Shits nasty coming off though and really stiff, I found the pea method way better for this stuff.

That said it worked well and makes a wicked lapping compound......


I got great results with it, but I've now also got about 4 procs which no longer can be identified without plugging them in. ;)

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