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I need some help with a new system

Sep 7, 2007
Hi all im new to HWC i recently built my first computer

Mobo : P5K3 Deluxe
Cpu: Q6600 2.4ghz OC @ 3Ghz Stepping G1
Gpu:Sapphire 512mb HD 2900XT
Ram:2Gb Kingston PC3-11000 1375mhz 1.7v
Case:Thermaltake 8000 240mm sidepanel fan
Cooler:Ultra Thermal Electric Cooler

The Issue im having is with the Vista64bit OS. i cant seem to find any desktop recorders where i can post overclocking stats and vid on youtube. ive tryed cam studios but it barly works proper and all the videos come out like crap after editing in windows movie maker.

next im farly new to overclocking and ive pretty much learned by trail and error
but seeing how as this is a pricy expensive system im a little worried on temps
can any one give me normal temps & threshholds for the motherboard and cpu ?


Load it was a bitch to get the thing underload its to effcient lmao

Finaly I pushed this thing overboard (running Prime95 , fable tlc , windowsmedia play matrix running in background still no hiccups though. here are the temps and load

should note chilltec controller gave a 27c-30c reading throught this as well? and things started getting loud lmao will cpu cooler fan anyways ha ha which is expected


Here you can see all the task's open fable , movie and prime 95 icon red meaning go plus the utility's

so whats the verdict clock her down to norm???

Bios Settings
FSB [333]
FSB Termination 1.40v
North Bridge Voltage 1.55v
South 1.05
CPU V 1.35V
Ram: Auto Because its not even at its max clock speed

Any ideas and help much thanks
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