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I think my motherboard is screwed how can I tell if that what is my problem?


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Oct 3, 2007
after leak testing for 24hrs I went to fireup my pc and it was a no go all the cables where connected and the psu works , I did get it working for a little while ..well sort of working I unplugged and pluged in the atx cable ( I think that is what it is called ) and the fans spun for a split second so I tried the power button and my pc fired up.
but when the it was booting and it was supposed to be at the desktop the screen was blank, I thought that it was my ram settings againso I checked , they were set to auto so I reset them to where they were supposed to be set and started my PC up again but the same thing happened, I I did a hard shutdown and now my pc would boot at all.
this is why I am thinking that it might be the Mother board
is thre anyway to check ?


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Nov 18, 2008
Windsor Ontario
I'm looking up your power requirements. So are you using 4gigs of ram or 8gigs? Your sig indicates that you are using two different types of ram. What are you HDD's? Optical drives? what Water pump? How many fans and sizes in total? etc. When you added your water system was this a fresh install or an existing setup, and if so is your CPU overclocked?
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Jun 14, 2009
power maybe an issue. also if you do indeed have the OCZ and another brand of ram. please remove the OCZ from your setup first.

if at all possible, have the setup run "outside" of case. sometimes an extra standoff is added, part of the case is touching the underside of the mobo.

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